Natural & Organic
Tanning Products


Natural & Organic
Tanning Products

Get The Perfect Golden Tan With

Our Natural & Organic Self -Tanning Spray.



  • Ethetician formulated tanner
  • Affordable self tanner
  • Dye free – no mess on your sheets, towels, bathroom, and clothes
  • Rose water scented – no strong tanning odor
  • Golden tan color – no orange tint
  • Natural & light weight – won’t leave your skin dry or cause breakouts
  • If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund you!

Goodgenesgirl Natural Tanning Spray is natural, mess free, light weight, affordable self tanning, and the perfect golden tan color.  It is made in US and also, dye-free which makes tanning much easier.  Not to mention it does not have a strong tanning odor, that most self tanners have, and will not leave dry or cause breakouts.  Our self-tanning water has been formulated to give you the sun-kissed tan without aging your skin.


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This self tanner is like no other. It goes on easy, pleasant to smell and easy to apply. The best part is the “tan” on my face and body. No streaking or orange looks. I highly recommend it and will be using this great product forever.

Joy Newton-Grubb

Hands down the best self-tanner I’ve come across. It works well and is easy to use. Product lives up to it’s description and it was a nice bonus to learn that the company supports the environment by donating to the MD Cheasepeake Bay foundation.

Anne G

Finally a natural tanner that has no streaks, no mess and no harsh chemicals. I've always been concerned about sun damage so this is the perfect solution. Plus who wants to go to the tanning salon during a pandemic?!? Thanks Goodgenesgirl, I'm a customer for life!

Dave Sicard

Just because fall is here, that doesn’t mean I have to lose my summer glow!! I used this tanner for the first time this week and I still have and can maintain that sun-kissed look. This will help on all of these upcoming virtual webcam meetings. Thank you for a great product.

Sue Grifin

I love this formula. I’ve used dozens of self tanners over the past 20 years and this is the ONLY formula that doesn’t make me smell. It’s super lightweight with a water-like consistency and application is simple. I apply before bed. Wash hands after and wake up to a natural tan. I was at the beach last week and none of my friends could believe it wasn’t a natural tan from the sun. Highly recommend!

Meghan Creedon

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